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Wedding Wednesday 5/11/2022

November is the perfect time of year to have your dream wedding. It's a time of beautiful fall scenery and colors, cool weather, availability, and low prices. Since November is during the off season there will be far less crowds and people; the island will feel like your own personal wedding venue!

The off season is November-March 31st. During this time you are guaranteed the best rates for your wedding. Our off season price is $120/PP compared to $160/PP in the main season. Weddings in the off season can come with many benefits such as low-cost lodging, lower vendor rates, less traffic at Wildwood photo spots and less traffic on the island.

Visit our website to learn more about weddings at The Inlet. https://www.theinletnww.com/weddings

The prices and offerings listed in this post may have changed without notice.

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