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Band or DJ: Finding Your Wedding Style

Entertainment is a big part of your wedding day. Your guests will remember dancing all evening to their favorite song, you’ll remember your first dance with your forever love, and your husband’s mother will be over the moon to finally have the ultimate mother son moment.

So when it comes to your music choices, there’s a lot to consider.

For years bands ruled the wedding scene. 8,10, even 12 piece bands rocked til the early morning. But for over the last decade, DJs have become a more popular choice.

DJs provide an opportunity to hear basically any song you can think of, the lists are right at their fingertips. It’s on demand, it’s original artist, and you can change your set list at the snap of a finger

Bands also provide a great opportunity for weddings. While a DJ requires a lot of hype to get the crowd moving, a wedding band brings the party with them. There’s just something about a live band that makes people want to get up and dance. With a wedding band you’re getting big personality along with a big show. Bands are definitely memorable for your wedding.

A big plus for hiring a DJ is their flexibility to go from cocktail hour “elevator” music to first dance slow songs to fast paced dance music to start the fun.

To achieve the same range of flexibility with a band, some brides consider hiring acoustic duos for the cocktail hour followed by a cover band for the rest of the evening.

When it comes to pricing, brides typically report they spend less on a DJ than on a wedding band. The most common DJ prices in our area for a wedding range from $500-$1000 for the evening while a 5 person band usually starts around $750. The more people, the higher the investment; some brides spend up to $5,000 for their wedding show.

One thing is for sure: all our Inlet weddings have easy set ups for performers. Our stages in both venues have lighting and sound connections! Get your music started and don’t worry about anything else on your special day!

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