Why Having Alcohol Included In Your Price Per Head Is Important

It’s the end of your special day and the venue manager walks over with an invoice in her hand. It’s your bar bill. Your jaw drops to the floor seeing $2,500 in additional fees due for your 100 guests, after you’ve already paid $150 per person to host your reception. Open bars at weddings can be extremely costly, and a cash bar simply isn’t the trend anymore.

At The Inlet on Olde, we offer an all inclusive package with five hours of top shelf liquor through an open bar. Including alcohol in the price per head is a conscious decision we made when planning our packages. We want our brides to feel secure when booking their wedding, because at the end of the day there should be no surprises.

Open bars were once a “maybe” in the wedding planning process, but as trends move forward it is more common to offer an open bar. Guests are always happy to see they don’t have to pay, and Inlet on Olde wedding guests are even more thrilled to know that Stateside, Crown Royal, Patron and other premium liquors are options.

Our flat rate of $120 (2021) or $130 (2022) per person includes this great amenity and our price cannot be beat at the Jersey Shore with the food, service, bar, and linens offered to our brides.

Contact us today for your free tour and consultation to make your special day one to remember.

Photos by Shaun Reilly Photography

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